Welsh Cycling

UI - Revamp of Current Site and Mega Menu
July 28, 2022
Deliverable - Mega Menu and Revamp of Some Pages

Project Overview

Welsh cycling gave quite a simple brief. They wanted their website to be updated to be representative of not only the different types of cycling that can be enjoyed, but also of the diverse audience who gets on a bike of any kind.

  • Create an easy to use Mega Menu
  • Create rider profiles for users
  • Change the design and layout on the main pages
  • Re-design Events and News

It was really beneficial to the design process to be able to have regular discussion and ongoing communication with the team at Welsh Cycling. This ensured I had a complete understanding of their specific design requirements and was able to make changes accordingly and to tweak elements as the process progressed. This meant that the finished project was one that both I and the client were happy with. This way of working reflects the ethos of KeGo Studios and makes for dynamic and organic results.


Welsh cycling was completed to a strict timescale as their ambition was to launch on the first day of the 2022 Commonwealth Games. This involved frequent design revision to ensure the client's needs were met and culminated in a big push as the Games approached, which was ultimately rewarded by the success of the Welsh athletes and their achievements being celebrated on the site.

  1. Easier area for journalists to enter information without altering the layout of the site
  2. Ability to access News and Events from one click
  3. The different disciplines within cycling having their own area.

All work completed while under employment at United Studios, the copyright for this project belongs to United Studios.