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Small design studio based in Cardiff, Wales. It's just me, so you will get the personal touch with your projects. I specialise in UI/UX, branding, graphics for digital and print, social media, small animations, video editing. Always happy to help, I am striving to learn new things everyday.

What i do


UX stands for User Experience - UX refers to how your customer interacts with your product or services, and how well your customer experience is as they navigates your business from start to finish.  A background in Continuous Improvement has helped us learn the importance of streamlining the customer experience and to create user friendly designs.  I conduct research and create personas to help us understand your objectives which inform the next stage in the progress, User Interface (UI).
UI stands for user interface design - UI refers to the design of user interfaces for software and machines, such as computers, mobile devices and other electronic devices. The main purpose of UI is to maximise the usability of these devices and to enhance your customers user experience.  I produce Low-Fi and Hi-Fi wire frames and a prototype, before presenting you with your final product.

Graphics and Branding

Your branding is what you put out into the world, your message, your tone and your visual identity. It should tell us – who you are and how you do what you do. I help you find this, whether it's a new business, a re-vamp or a complete overhaul, we do this so you have a consistent visual identity and brand message. I can also help you with the design and development of any graphics you need. This includes, banners, posters, flyers, brouchers, social media posts and logos.  

Social Media, Editing & Animation

I can also help you in other areas of your business. Whether it's bringing your social media inline with your brand, editing your YouTube content or adding a little flair to a pre existing project. I pride myself on being versatile and willing to take on a challenge.  

selected works

Here are a few examples of projects undertaken during previous employment or independently as KeGo Studios.
KeGo Studios Values - Curiosity - KeGo Studios
KeGo Studios Values - Kindness - KeGo Studios
KeGo Studios Values - Passion - KeGo Studios
KeGo Studios Values - Innovation - KeGo Studios
KeGo Studios Values - Loyalty - KeGo Studios
KeGo Studios Values - Optimism - KeGo Studios