The Sound House

UX / UI Design
November 11, 2022
Deliverable - Website Design

Project Overview

The Sound House gave a brief that any designer would love to have land on their desk. They wanted a complete redesign of their website for a live music venue in Dublin. Sound House had already invested in new branding and wanted their website to align with this. Specific requests were to develop a smooth and more efficient area for promoters and ticketing.

Things to take into account when designing:

  • Spilt the venues into live events and the club
  • A new ticketing system with promotor section.
  • Ensure the new branding is incorporated across the site
  • Clean and easy to use 

It was really beneficial to the design process to be able to hold regular online meetings with the team at The Sound House to ensure I had a complete understanding of their specific design requirements. Open communcation with the client meant we were able to make reasonable adjustments throughout the design process and ensured the finished project was one that both I and the client were happy with. This way of working really fits with the ethos of KeGo Studios and makes for dynamic and organic results.


The Sound House was a real pleasure to work on. As the team had just had their brand professionally updated, they were open to creative suggestions and trying out different ideas. I worked closely with development on the landing page and together we were able to utilise animation to represent a pulsating speaker. This idea was further echoed in the sound waves present on the venue page and was the product of a collaboration between the client, myself as designer and the development team.

The final result was a streamlined and simple to navigate website which allows you to find events fast and buy tickets with ease. I look forward to heading to Dublin in the near future to go to an event and wish Ian and the team all the best with their relaunch and the growth of The Sound House.

The steps I commpleted on this project:

  1. A mood board and a post-it wall of research
  2. Personas
  3. LowFi Wire Frames 
  4. HighFi Wire Frames

All work on this project was completed while in employment for United Studios, the copyright for this project belongs to United Studios.